Meeting #9: Friday, February 6th 6:30pm
Location: The Foundry, 298 Northampton Street, Buffalo.
Dial-in Information: (605) 562-0020 Meeting ID: 128-389-999

In Attendance: Cola B, George K, James A, Corey R (and, poor memory, there were two additional folk in attendance)

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  1.   1.  Action Items
  2.   2.  Business items
    1.   2.1  Old Business
    2.   2.2  New Business
    3.   2.3  Meeting notes
  3.   3.  Goals
    1.   3.1  Short term goals (<6 mos)
    2.   3.2  Midterm Goals (6-12mos)
    3.   3.3  Longterm Goals (12+mos)

1.  Action Items

  • Get things ready for Second Saturday
  • Start strategizing for group outreach

2.  Business items

2.1  Old Business

  • Fliers looked good, and some have been handed out already.
  • Corey will get some better antenna solutions for Matt.
  • Corey owes a due date for next Kaisertown node install within 7 days, and a completed install in 21 days.
  • End of January - Start approaching block clubs, particularly Board of Block Clubs
    • Corey will arrange a Kaisertown Coalition presentation for February
      • Hold until March, attending this month's meeting
  • Hardware Procurement
    • Corey R needs to source external antennas for the TP Link nodes, which would allow for external antenna mounting
  • Legal Assistance status
    • VLP cannot help us (Not within their scope), exploring other options
    • Reached out to Wellness Institute, waiting to hear back from Phil Haberstro
    • Where are we?
  • Engage various orgs in area: True Bethel, CTRC, St. Casimir, Science Museum, ARATS, LARC, and LARA
    • CTRC hasn't returned any contacts.
    • True Bethel: Not reach out to yet
    • St. Casimir: Difficult to find out who to reach out too
    • Science Museum: Not reached out to yet
    • Ham radio groups: Reached out to some of them. As well as BARRA. BARRA is forwarding on to their BBHN team.
  • Private Sector Presentation
    • Status: I'm working on it currently -- creichle
  • Northampton Project Status
    • ??
  • Kaisertown Project Status
    • ??
  • Outreach efforts

2.2  New Business

2.3  Meeting notes

  • Buffalo Municipal Fiber group is working on putting a broadband conference together, and would like to explore us being involved with that
  • Cola is going to explore deploying this in the Nickel CIty Coop
  • Suggested to build out some sort of comment box for the nodes
  • Black Berry Messenger is a service that offers a voice message system (Among other things), which we should explore options like this
  • Some ways of pitching this to people were cooked up:
    • Short term loaner units
    • System to get a unit installed, and installment payments
  • A couple of ideas for monetizing services to fund the rollout
    • Free internal email, $2/month for external email
    • Pay-for internet access
    • Basically, offer tons of free, internal service, and a token charge for "enhanced"

3.  Goals

3.1  Short term goals (<6 mos)

  • Begin incorporation process
  • Plan next set of links in Northampton
    • Status: 5GHz sector node pointing down Northampton
  • Increase recruitment by word-of-mouth
    • Status: Planning "boots on the ground" neighborhood survey
  • Continue growth in current two networks

3.2  Midterm Goals (6-12mos)

  • Complete Northampton (80%+)
    • Status: 5%
  • Plan Northampton expansion
    • Status: 10%
  • Finalize planning next meshlocal
    • Status: 50%. I've gotten one node online, second one going online in the next few weeks. Must meet with Kaisertown Coaltion
  • Finalize org structure
    • 90%

3.3  Longterm Goals (12+mos)

  • Link two meshlocals
    • Status: Right now, Northampton <--> Kaisertown. Need elevation for this. If another meshlocal presents itself, better.
  • Start working on buy in from potential partnerships
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