Currently, several services are available for users of the network. Internet access and social media are two examples.

The Network

Our network right now is easily expandlable, and owned by your neighbors.

Social Media

The Buffalo Mesh offers a social media service, that is decentralized, and federated.


News and status updates for the network and services.

REboot and Refresh

on July 25, 2019

So, the site has gotten a refresh, and we’re going to be doing a reboot of the project. More news will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Net Neutrality – Gone, and Local Social Media

on December 17, 2017

So, with Net Neutrality getting tossed out the window, we’ve decided to get the project going again. News will be coming, as we are currently working on the first inter-community link. If you are interested in becoming a node operator, feel free to reach out to us at Or, use our contact form. Also, has launched our localized social media platform, and is accessible at It runs the Mastodon platform, which allows you to connect with other users on instances located across the globe.

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